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Munk, Andersen & Feilberg 


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Кадровое агентство

Munk, Andersen & Feilberg 

MAFCON - Munk, Andersen & Feilberg is a Danish consultancy and 'One-Stop-Shop', which assists companies by project management in the relocation of production and in sales to Ukraine - from strategy to a complete turn-key business. We have offices in Århus, Denmark and in Lviv and Kiev in Ukraine.


What we do 

MAFCON - Munk, Andersen & Feilberg has assisted companies in the relocation of production to Eastern Europe since the late 1980s. During the initial phase, target areas were Poland and the Baltic region and in 1996, we opened our first office in Ukraine. This was a choice made on the basis of a thorough analysis of Europe's future production platforms. Our project management teams consist of lawyers, economists, HR-specialists and analysts, who assist our clients in adapting to the processes of globalisation.


How we do it 

Conducting business in Eastern Europe is a difficult task, but when done correctly, great advantages can be obtained. Operating in a new culture and environment is one thing, complying with the sometimes opaque legal and administrative framework quite another. Consequently, everything we do is done as professional and transparent as possible, and always in accordance with existing laws, rules, and regulations. We never make short cuts, as short cuts do not help the serious company.

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