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ООО Енова Автоматизация Украина 

The group ENOVA was founded historically, as an artisan society in the field of domestic and industrial electrical automation, in Bologna in 1982. Nowadays, thanks to a strategy of successful relocation that began in 1996, it has become a dynamic and structured reality in the production of mechanical, electromechanical components and a supply of highly qualified services in the field of industrial automation.It operates in three countries, Italy — Romania — Moldova, has a staff of over 150 employees, and in the last financial year (2011) had a consolidated turnover of over 5 million and consists of three main activities:. Machining and carpentry Enova Mechanics. Assembling and wiring electrical panels Enova Electric. Machine Assembly and automatic systems Enova AutomationENOVA MECHANICSPrecision Machining after design — Boring, Milling, Numerical control Turning Dimensional control and testing.Main customers:Sacmi Beverage, Packaging, Ceramics, Enclosure divisions Ima Active division Carle & Montanari Bo e Mi production and packing chocolate / candyBielomatik paper manufacture Cefla Finishing division Sima stranding machines and extrusion linesENOVA ELECTRICComplete implementation, in accordance with the construction specifications and regulatory requirements of: • panels for automation machines and automatic systems • installation of electrical systems and testingMain customers:Sacmi Beverage, Packaging division Carle & Montanari Bo e Mi production and packing chocolate / candy Bielomatik paper manufactureSima stranding machines and extrusion linesENOVA AUTOMATION & SERVICESAssembly, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of industrial machines and automatic systems.All with specialized staff, years of experience, in most cases, graduate students, and consists of the following main figures:. foremen. mechanics. electricians. plc programmersMain customers:Tetrapack, Sidel packaging lines Zoppas, Sipa packaging lines Sacmi Beverage, Packaging division Carle & Montanari Bo e Mi production and packing chocolate / candy Bielomatik paper manufactureCefla finishing divisionSima stranding machines and extrusion linesENOVA LOGISTICOur technical / sales branch, with registered office in Bologna and consists of offices, a small workshop and warehouse.Its mission is to provide all necessary and complementary services to foreign companies to ensure the best service to the customers of Enova.Specifically:Purchasing department Preparation and shipping of raw materials for processingSemi-finished and finished products receptionManagement of external phases of completion (surface treatment, assembly and manufacturing operations)Billing department Customer Support
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